At the heart of what we do is collaboration and consultancy. We know how the materials will work with light, and you know what effect you want to achieve. By working together we will create a remarkable and unique lighting solution that is both practical and eye catching. You might be surprised at what we can do to bring light to your ideas. We are not limited by the size of a room or rooms; we are only limited by the extent of your imagination.

Fabulight currently works with two types of materials – acrylics and handmade textiles – but we are always exploring new media. Examples are shown in this brochure and offer a small glimpse at the scope and originality of our work.

Acrylics can be cut, engraved and coloured to your specifications and then integrated with fibre optics in our studio. We will create the effect you want or supply one of our standard lines, such as Shattered Ice (as seen on front cover).

Our designs draw inspiration from many sources, such as nature and architecture, and are expressed through the fabrics of silk, wool, linen and cotton. By combining our traditional skills of hand drawing, hand painting and hand printing with fibre optics and LED lights, we create stunningly unique pieces. We also work with clients’ fabrics if required.

Finally, we are well aware of the energy concerns faced by many businesses, which is why we use energy efficient LEDs to reduce energy while also prolonging the life of the light source. All products are designed and compliant to EU safety regulations and certification.


“Jacinta Edge is an excellent fabric designer. We collaborated in many projects together and I found working with her a great experience and fun. Now she is extending her interest into lighting and I am amazed with the results. I can recommend her to anybody looking for an original idea.”

Aurora Aleson